This Life

As an infant, i knew nothing of what I got myself into; Time has taught me patience if nothing else. One began learning the structure of the universe, but slowly in comparison to its infinite expanses. At times, flying feels like falling; we all must attain such heights! to see how everything must look from far enough back. The future holds all; but for now we can only imagine the awe. The fight of Manicheanism, is the symbiosis we must learn to accept, and find our own unique combative stance which fits in with all of the rest somehow. I find that education for awareness of the current situation is of the utmost importance and at all times; Not only of what we are, but of what is around us and what they are. As a learner/observer it is key to be aware of one’s effect on that which one observes, but that is one of the trickiest things!

I aim to be well practiced in all that I do and enjoy. Mistakes paired with persistence may never again be called mistakes. Ceramics being the most of these things: I have dove into it and spread it all about. Making pots, glazes, and clay bodies, that’s what I’m all about! Ceramics and I have never gotten along better than right now! What I enjoy even more of course is seeing what is happening in the ceramics world around me, and how every person is making unique and beautiful artwork; everything I see never ceases to amaze and inspire me! When I get into my own world, where I project everything I intake, I want to open new doors, explore all of the paths, I want to see it all, but I cant move that fast, and a lot of times I miss things, so I end up having to scope things down, but then we all find success and sometimes we use it right to fall into more of it, and it gets us so far, sometimes far enough to have the means to help others find success, and sometimes that works out, but to actually feel defeated at any point along the way means to be not ever advancing at all. So we get over it and feel bad that it happens again and again, well, just try not to right? Right, or just deny it anytime you feel it, or literally never feel it at all 😉

So we’ll see where this goes and how things end up and depend on the never ending mystery of it all


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