This idea of religion is a strange idea that us humans have clung onto thinking it means more than it does.


We have written books, past stories down from generation to generation, many of these stories are as old as writing and speech. The problem is not that we tell stories, but that we tell our listeners that one story has a greater weight than another. Simply, a story is a story. It cannot be proven or dis-proven, it exists in a completely different realm than us.


A common thread in religious texts is the idea that we humans are out of control, that we need to keep ourselves in check, and that this divine power will punish us in some way if we die with no sense of control. Causing us to fear death.


The truth is:

1. There is no wrong or right way of living, but to live means living with other living things in great variety. Some control might be useful considering everything else. We act in one way, plants act in other ways, fish act differently then either, and so on. The control we must find is how our species fits in with everything else. If we do not fit then we shall destroy everything trying to find our place, including ourselves to make us smaller in number. If we do fit in some way, then we might fit in other ways as well.

2. Change is inevitable.

3. Guilt and regret are to be weighed, set down, and never looked back upon. The past will never be changed and the future never known.

4. Absolute truth is flawed.


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